BARRY MANILOW lyrics - Lovin' At Birdland

"Lovin' At Birdland"

We used to dance to harlem nocturne
We were a rhapsody at midnight
And when we kissed it was a slow burn
And we knew just the way to make it

Whiskey on the rocks
Whispers in the dark
List'nin' to the blues
Lovin' Birdland and you

You used to say I was your tony
Just like the boy in 'west side story'
You said I was your one and only
And love was there for us to take it

Whiskey on the rocks
Coltrane in the dark
Swaying to the blues
Lovin' Birdland and you

Love that took my breath away
A perfect Birdland fantasy
Never dreamed you'd fly away from me
And leave me cryin' at Birdland

Sometimes I drive back to the city
Across the bridge the skyline calls me
And I get caught up in those memories
And even now it's hard to shake it

Can't believe it's through
I'm living with the blues
Hell, what else can I do?
I'm still lovin' Birdland and you