"Volcano" lyrics - BECK


And I've been walkin' on these streets so long
I don't know where they're gonna lead anymore
But I think I must have seen a ghost
I don't know if it's my illusions that keep me alive

I don't know what I've seen
Was it all an illusion?
All a mirage gone bad? oh

I'm tired of evil
And all that it feeds
But I don't know

And I've been driftin' on this wave so long
I don't know if it's already crashed on the shore
And I've been ridin' on this train so long
I can't tell if it's you or me who's drivin' us into the ground

I don't know if I'm sane
But there's a ghost in my heart
Who's tryin' to see in the dark, oh

I'm tired of people
Who only wanna be pleased
But I still wanna please you

And I heard of that Japanese girl
Who jumped into the volcano
Was she tryin' to make it back
Back into the womb of the world? oh

And I've been drinkin' all these tears so long
All I've got left is the taste of salt in my mouth

I don't know where I've been
But I know where I'm goin'
To that volcano, woah

I don't wanna fall in though
Just wanna warm my bones
On the fire a while