"Da Hot Shit (Aight)" lyrics - BELL BIV DEVOE

"Da Hot Shit (Aight)"
(Ricky Bell / Michael Bivins / Ronnie DeVoe / S. Williams)

[Shaheed the Poster Boy:]
Uh, uh, uh,
I'm a star in the hood, but I'm big in England
See me in the club with but kid is minglin
How you mad at me when your whiz is minglin
Two shots in your stomach now your ribs is tinglin
J got extra loot
If I drop the top then it come with a extra roof
Shaheed, top-dollar - low-drop holla
Here come Rick, drop the beat Rocwilder (Aight!)

[Ricky Bell:]
Shorties, they be feelin me and dreamin of this life I lead
Cardier and caviar, trips around the world
Can't nobody fuck with me, cuz baby this is how we do
Ladies lift them thighs for me, I'm about to get into you!

All my ladies get their money (yeah)
'Cuz these niggaz want their honey (uh-huh)
If you want it keep it comin (yeah)
Come on (Come on) Come on (Come on)

[Hook 2x: Jak Frawst]
Shorties be lovin it, niggaz be bumpin it
We got the hot shit, y'all not touchin it
To all my real playaz livin it up
To all my live shorties hot and wet givin it up (Aight!)

[Ricky Bell:]
Money you ain't really ballin that's all them bills I paid
Ladies shake it, get the cash - Holla if you feel it maid! (Aight!)
All my playaz wave them dollars (Come on)
All my ladies get them dollars (Come on)
If your horny keep it true - ya gotta do whatcha gotta do!

All my ladies get their money (Uh-huh)
'Cuz these niggaz want their honey (BBD)
If you want it keep it comin (OK)
Come on (Uh-huh) Come on (Uh-huh)

[Mike Bivins:]
Ron don't kiss 'em and Rick don't miss 'em
And Mike just twist 'em and diss 'em
Shorties scan-do-lous, try to get fifty grand from us
You ain't fam to us - just a one night stand to us
Mike Biv on the come up
When I walk in the club all the gold diggers run up
Sit in the back where the ladies be
I ain't trick no dough since "A-B-C" (Aight!)

[Hook 2x Jak Frawst]

[Ronnie DeVoe:]
If the Voe's in the club then you know my boys in
We 'bout to kill the charts like we did with "Poison"
Livin on the road is the life I like
I'm kinda tall but my money 'bout twice my height (Aight!)
Sweetheart I'ma chill so slide with Ricky
Cristal by the case, two dimes of sticky
If ya boo is missin, then ya crew should listen
I been hot since "Candy Girl" with New Edition (Aight!)

[Hook 2x Jak Frawst]

BBD... (Aight!)