"Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant" lyrics - BENEDICTION

"Cold, Deathless, Unrepentant"
(Darren Brookes / Frank Healy)

Fires around me
Scorching their way through perpetual night
Fear upon me
Clothing my nakedness before the light

Look to the horizon
Sweat stains the blood crowned brow
Evil approaching at last
Turning to stand and fight
Retreat is hopeless now
This is a fight to the death

Foes before me
Wizened and wretched, their hearts beating cold
Cowards surround me
Legions may face me yet all meet their end

They'll never lay me low
While there's still breath in me
Hatred will shine through undimmed
Do to me what they will
I will not be broken
Face them all down to their last

Alone I may stand yet defiant I'll die

Insects, beneath me
Come as they might I will snuff out their lives
Bastards engulf me
But on every last heart I will carve my disgust

There is not enough of them
To wreck my vengeance on
Their numbers just make me laugh
A martyr they'd make of me
Just let them damn well try
They don't even see we're the same
Eager to die