"Diary Of A Killer (Fuck Them All)" lyrics - BENEDICTION

"Diary Of A Killer (Fuck Them All)"
(Darren Brookes)

Maybe it's been just one of those days
When I've had about as much as I can take
I've tried so hard, tried so hard to be good
But the world just threw it back in my face
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off
Lust in time for the next kick in the teeth
And I find one tiny bit of release
They'll try to cure me, like I'm some kind of fucking disease

Slammed by the wrecking ball once again
I'm driven into the concrete
I'm getting used to the taste of dust
But I'm still standing on my own two feet

This time I'll show them all

I'll loose it all in drink and drugs
Just to ease a little bit of the pain
You dissapprove but I don't give a fuck
Sometimes I got to escape or I'll go insane
They've kicked me like a scolded dog
And all I ever did was laugh
Told me a thousand times to bow
But I'll bow to none, they should know by now
I'll bow... I'll bow to none

I'm tired of crawling over broken glass
Tired of choking on my teeth
This time I'll take matters into my own hands
Nothing will ever break me again
This time I'll show them all
(So fuck them, fuck them all)
They'll never break us, we'll never conform
(So fuck them, fuck them all)
Never chain us with their fucked up laws
(So fuck them, fuck them all)
I am too proud, you'll never see me crawl
(So fuck them, fuck them all)
Destroy the lies, their pride will fall

There's a million whores in ivory towers
And I'll fuck every one some day
I'll kill again and again
Better to burn out than fade away

You'll never fade away