"Stormcrow" lyrics - BENEDICTION


Many are its names
A tempest squall to blind
Borne on vapid wings
Moulder of death inclined
Herald of disaster
Oncoming grief bestowed
Exalt triumphant
The rise of the Stormcrow

No one sheltered from its wrath
From paupers to the kings
Rancid crest unfurled
Stormcrow spreads its wings
Spreads it's wings

Final hour strikes this flight of dread
Extolling doom
Precursor to behold ruin
To the grave, from the womb

When the thunder rages
Crowing in the night
Yield to its attrition
For its might is right
Might is right

Last frozen dawn on life's plateau
Screaming through the driven snow

Black prophet foreshadows
Your intended gloom
A knell to chime a solemn stroke
Prepare the tomb
Murder of Stormcrows
Corvus carrion breath
Black wings envelop
Dark carriage to your death