"Step Away" lyrics - BETTYE LAVETTE

"Step Away"
(Christine Santelli/Brian Mitchell)

I been lied to, I been crossed
I been put up hard and damn near lost
I been promised, I been fooled
I been deprived, but I been schooled

So step away, take back your hand
I'm no [?] who can shake this thing
Shake it, I will do it all force down
I'm still standin' here
With my feet planted firmly on the ground

I'm a mom, I was a child
I was confused, I was almost sanctified
I been sanctioned, I been [?]
I been revealed and damn near swallowed


Was I gone too long?
Did I come on too strong?
Did I share too much?
Did I not care enough?
I'm just tryin', tryin'... To carry on