"The High Road" lyrics - BETTYE LAVETTE

"The High Road"

I won't be a victim, a beggar, a fool
I try to live my life by the golden rule
If you don't love me
What am I supposed to do
I'll take the high road and walk on away from you

I'll find me an angel
To lift me up in time
I'll listen for the voice
Which speaks my bitter mind
I'll try to forgive myself
For not heeding all the signs
Oh, I'll take the high road
And walk away one last time

I'll wipe away the tears
'Cause I know darn well I've tried
I'll look inside myself
For the part that was mine

I ain't gonna try to hurt ya back or lie and say I didn't care
I'll just take the high road
And walk away from here

My heart is battered, my soul is bruised
My face is wearing that same false smile, I used to use
I put my feelings under lock and key
Oh, and take the high road
And walk on away quietly

I'll pack up my pride and go somewhere far
You can't blame somebody
For who they really are
But what you've done to me, you know it just ain't fair
I ain't gonna bitch about it, 'cause I know sure well, it just ain't there
I'll walk away with my head held high, forgive and forget
Uh-uh daddy not this time

I'll keep looking for my angel
And I know I'll be just fine
Oh stayin on the high road
And walking away last time