"Obfuscation" lyrics - BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME


From the simple idea of Change Blindness, our minds are not as they seem.
An entire existence revolving around what we can't acknowledge.
A brain malfunction we'll never admit as defeat...
A constant determination to find truths... to find reason... to find comfort.
An unspoken religion in being the all-dominant... This is what we call a brain.

This step will allow the universe to run its course. We have a short ticket and a lot is in hiding...
So lets take in what we can for now. Just like here on Earth (a notion we do comprehend)
Hide what "others" can't understand. The universe is the biggest threat...
Overachiever that commands attention. Brute force of hysterical reasonings...
There will always be a Marfa.

Close one eye. Step to the side.

As humans we could never be content with knowing all,
Yet we can't be content with the fact that our brains will never know. A mental surgery...
A never ending journey... a technological drawback. Pushing us further from our natural minds.
There will always exist a Kryptos.

Even things created by other humans should be considered in the experiment of an entire species of understanding.
A magician's pure joy...
A mind bend for the common folk...
Follow the straight line.
(A full house watching what we can't see)

The ultimate deceiver...

Close one eye. Step to the side.

We will always be part of the great misdirect... stepping in and stepping out.
Mirrors and Obfuscation