"High End Country (Interlude)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"High End Country (Interlude)"

[Skit: Karlous Miller & Chico Bean]
Now look here man, I really don't feel like discussing the particulars of the particular situation, but what's about to happen right now is about to be a real sensational, phenomenal, educational display of a verbal ability bestowed upon a magnificent human being
Prepare yourselves
You've waited this long, you might as well continue to wait 'cause I've been waiting
How long you gon' wait?
However long it take
Keep waiting
How long?
Hell, talking to you is waiting
Well, we both waiting
Shit, when you start?
Just now
I might get mine before you
I was waiting before you
They know you?
Shit, I'm next
Aww man
'Posed to be
Ain't even got my number yet
Keep waiting
Ma, K.R.I.T. Outside!