"Higher (King Pt. 6)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Higher (King Pt. 6)"

Yeah, yeah
(Found God) When I'm in the streets, when I'm in the streets
(My God) Help me through the beef, watch out for police
(Whoa, God) Forgive me for my speech, I ain't prayed in weeks
(Higher) The frequency you on, it ain't outta reach
(The power) Push-button start, push-button start
(The power) In a foreign car, hope it take me far
(The power) All I ever had, all I ever had
(Much higher) Smokin' on this gas but it never last
(Found God) When I'm in a jam, help me understand
(My God) If I cry tears, am I less of a man?
(Whoa, God) My father never did, so his blood pressure
(Higher) Than mine, I pray he find
(The power) To shed tears for me
(The power) To accept these gifts from me
(The power) The jewels that he did give me
(Much higher) Worth more than diamonds and chains and Rollies
(Found God) In the Good Book at a hotel
(My God) I don't really know her but I know it well
(Whoa, God) The only thing she screams sometimes
(Much higher, higher) When she on her knees sometimes
(The power) Make it where she wants control
(The power) She lost it all some years ago
(The power) To someone that she trusted and she loved
(Much higher) Than me in the clouds above
(Found God) In the bottom of a bottle
(My God) In the purpose of my chakras
(Whoa, God) Maybe the stars is too low, it's much
(Higher) And I'm too blind to know
(The power) That makes me run from a bag
(The power) When you finally get you a bag
(The power) That Jeff Bezos wish he could have
(Much higher) The numbers could never form from math
(I found God) In the breeze of the wind
(My God) And send a hurricane again
(Whoa, God) And show how far a breeze could send
(Much higher) The power that we claim as men
(The power) Was only on from the storm
(The power) Where I grew up was never home
(The power) You had to pay for it once you grown
(Much higher) When you leave your porch lights on
(Found God) Might not agree with my wants
(My God) Can forgive but I don't
(Whoa, God) Gave me wings but I ain't flown
(Much higher) Than the paper planes that I've thrown
(The power) That it takes to move a mountain
(The power) That it takes to keep from drownin'
(The power) To know why all these demons surroundin'
(Much higher) More than any number I've counted
I find God (Found God)

(My God) The power
(Whoa, God, much higher) The power
(Whoa, God) The power