"If I Fall" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"If I Fall"
feat. Melanie Fiona

[Intro: Melanie Fiona]
A, will you uh uh uh uh catch me if I fall?
Will you uh uh uh uh catch me if I fall?
Will you uh uh uh uh catch me if I fall?
Yea, I gave my all

[Verse 1: Big Krit]
Cheah, aye I'm a man so I stand on my own two
I give a damn about a hater and his whole crew
No jump shot so I'm selling crack
To tell you the truth, I've been to Hell and back
No food in the kitchen so I'm scrapin' scraps
Tightest nigga in the world can't afford to rap
Now I'm on the hunt for a nigga to jack
Soon as I get rich I swear I'm givin' it back
It's cold out here, you gotta hold your own
I never knew what pain was until I was grown
I never miss my home boy until he was gone
But life goes on
So if I call

[Hook: Melanie Fiona]
If I fall by the river bed
Would you save me or leave me dead?
All the blood I shed
And I'll just rest my head

[Verse 2: Big Krit]
Cheah, ain't nothin' easy 'bout the life I chose
Wasn't much of a choice, just the life I know
Smokin' weed, drinkin' liquor just to kill time
When I'm fucked up, the only time I feel fine
Mama say I'm lettin' life go by
As if I ain't grindin', as if I don't try
But you can see in the eyes, she worry 'bout her baby
Late night, scared a nigga might play me
Police in the street don't phase me
Get it how you live let em chase me
Bills still due, yea I can't stall
But that ain't all
So if I call


[Verse 3: Big Krit]
Cheah, I used to love 'er, I used to hold 'er
She made me promise I'd never let 'er go
She made me smile, could've had my child
I held her tight like I never held before
But things change when you get older
She started drinkin' 'cause I ain't sober
That's when I told 'er
"Be careful 'bout the friends you keep
'Cause the ones you call friends ain't friends to me"
Now we don't see eye to eye
The more I tell her the truth, the more she lies
The more we shoot each other down, the more we die
I think it's best that I said goodbye
So when I call