"Voices" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


[Intro 3x:]
I got these voices in my ear, yea I got these voices in my ear

Wake up to the sound of a million horns
Jesus piece, ruby red, diamond in the thorns
Say a prayer for the jammed and the one that's gone
I might've missed my nigga wake but still I mourn
Did it big in the club with my cash out
But dealing with a lot so I drunk until I passed out
Went abroad, I met a broad with her ass out
Her concern was to earn like "nigga, what your cash 'bout?"
In the VIP on my tip with a glass out
We live a paparazzi life, what's your flash 'bout?
In a mattress in the ceiling, what's your stash 'bout?
In case I had doubts

I got these voices in my ear
They tell me get up, get up, get up
I got these voices in my ear
They tell me wake up, wake up, wake up
I got these voices in my ear
They tell me keep runnin', keep runnin', keep runnin'
I got these voices in my ear
They tell me get money, get money, get money

What if a dream was all you had?
And life ain't fab, you can't throw it in the bag
Niggas ain't real, hoes ain't shit
My hand-me-downs was too big, they buying clothes that don't fit
I'm like, it was more than fame and the credit
Feeling like my whole life I've been trying to be the freshest
Respected, in a world full of kings
You pathetic, if you can't buy the finer things, before you exit
The very moment that you got it: "I swear my biggest fear is that I'll die nobody"
Forgotten, when I was really at my best
Seems like nothing left


Lately I've been feeling like fuck it
Heaven's in my face, but Lord knows I can't touch it
Plus I heard the angel wings was kinda heavy
Scared to put 'em on my back so I threw 'em on a Chevy
Death knocking on my door, I can get it
Looking through the peephole in case I ain't ready
Fuck this rap shit, yeah I said it
On the road to the riches ain't no telling where I'm heading
Now I dread it, world ain't what it seems
Enduring all the shit to be king
Praying for tomorrow, there's more time to borrow
Scared, aware, they whisper "never fear"


Man 1 - My life today? Hmm... more volatile than ever. This last year alone I've been shot down, bloodied, trampled, accused, threatened, disgraced, betrayed, scandalized, maligned, tough? You bet your ass it is, but I ain't leaving, nothing comes easy

Man 2 - The last question - is it truly worth it?

Man 1 - Sure, you know why? I love what I do, I pray for people and when you think of most of your work in life, most of people's lives are spent on endeavors. And very few people really enjoy what they do and I love what I do, so yeah, it's worth it, damn right it's worth it