"Country Lay On My Mind" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"Country Lay On My Mind"

I stepped out of the rain into a downtown city cafe
And I saw him at the counter looking lonesome at the rain
I sat down beside him and I ordered us some coffee
He smiled and said

Hello city country is my name and I'm here to play your city game

I saw there in his eyes such a pure and simple beauty
That could not have been bred upon these dark and dingy streets
I liked the look he gave me and I asked him if he'd stay
And he said

Maybe for a while till I get back on my feet and I sure could use a place to sleep

Lay lay country lay on my mind home is where the lovin' heart is beating free
Lay lay country lay on my mind
For deep inside these city lies a whole lot of country in me
A whole lot of country in me

The days we spent laughin' and just walkin' in the park
And the nights we spent in each other's arms
But time brought a change that brought him tossed and tumbled sleep
And I heard him mumble somethin' about a baby and a farm

I've gotta go make sure they're safe and warm

I woke up this morning and I opened up my eyes
Just in time to see him walkin' out the door
But I had dreams and feelings that would always keep me happy
Even though I knew I wouldn't see him anymore so I just let him close the door
Lay lay country lay on my mind...

Lay lay country lay on my mind...