"I Am" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"I Am"

I am a soldier I'm a slave of power
Power so great that it can destroy
God's world with one mighty blast
I'm a machine, a computer an engine
Programed to reap destruction wherever I go
I'm a bad risk for my credit is only backed
Up by the United States Government
My reputation is that of a braggard
A sex fiend, a cheat and rusted hero
I'm a killer paid and trained
To hit first before being hit and I do
I'm a soldier so who cares how dirty the job is
If it has to be done then it's done
Right but I'm also a human being
I am myself good or bad
I smell the flowers in the spring
I hear the birds sing in the early morning
I feel the warmth of a fire in the winter
And I feel the rain as it moistens my brow
I'm a part of family with God as my father
And me the obediest child
I have wants and needs and I have the strenght
And the faith to fullfill them
And I have passion, the kind of passion
That brings forth a love so great
That no war, no tragedy
Or no other being could ever destroy
I'm a human being and I feel
I feel the things all around me
And I'm grateful, I'm so very grateful
I'm also an American and I'm proud
I'm proud because I have the right
To worship God as my Master
The right to love a wife, children, mother and father
Without the fear of political reprisal
My country gives me the right to build, to destroy
And to rebuild to better proportisions
I am an American, I have the right
To listen to the Star Spangled Banner
The right to feel a chill throughout my entire body
When I look at the flag, our flag
I have the right to defend
To honor, to pay tribute
To the great ones who've come
And gone before, why
Because I'm an American
And because I'm an American I can also cry
I can cry for my lost brother
Who died defending our way of life
I am an American and I'm proud
Proud because I am...