"I Can't Mend It" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"I Can't Mend It"

I can take a little cement
And mend our patio
I can fill in all the rough spots
So they won't even show.

I can mend a roof of shingles
With a hammer and some nails
But baby, when I try to mend
Your broken heart, I fail.

I can't mend it
I can't mend it.

Your big heartbreak was my mistake
But I did not intend it
I lost my head and words were said
But that's no 'cause to end it.

Give me the parts
To patch your heart
I can't mend it.

I can hand a shaky table
And mend the legs with glue
I can send it down and paint it
So you'd think it was new.

I can mend a shattered window
That a storm has torn apart
But I don't know which way to go
To mend your broken heart.

I can't mend it.
I can't mend it...