"Ladies Get Lonesome Too" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"Ladies Get Lonesome Too"

In your eyes I can see you really don't believe it's you I'm holdin' in my arms
'Cause I've known you all your life
You've never been the kind of woman to do wrong
And I know you havenm't changed and I know you still wear his name
And you're still the lady that I always knew
But you look so sad and lonely
Just close your eyes and hold me ladies get lonesome too

I know you're a good woman and you try to be a good wife
But I also know that you've had to spend too much time alone
And all the life has held you is faded dreams and songs sung blue
And a love that can't go right for goin' wrong
You've still got your pride but baby pride can't hold you
Or keep you warm the way that I can do
You've always been a lady but tinight be just my baby
'Cause ladies get lonesome too
You've always been a lady but tonight just lay back and be my baby
'Cause ladies get lonesome too