"Proof" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON


I know what you do and it drives me insane
No matter what I do you never will change
You just keep denying this thing that you do
But someday, someway, I'll have proof that it's true,

I know it's been goin' on now for quite a few years
And many's the time that it's nearly driven me to tears
I can't sleep at night but you don't seem to care
I'm growin' old young, you've put grey in my hair.

I've tried talkin' to ya but you just turned away
You won't even listen to what I've got to say
I've known for a long time now that I had to find me a way
To catch you in action so I schemed night and day.

I thought and I thought and I devised me a plan
I knew I had to confront you with the proof in my hand
So I took a recorder and I placed it under your bed
And then I placed the microphone right at your head.

And then I recorded every sound that you made that night
Sit down 'cause I'm gonna play it for ya as proof that I was right
When you hear this there'll never be any doubt anymore
When you hear this recording you'll have proof that you snore...