"We've Got It All" lyrics - BILL ANDERSON

"We've Got It All"

You're a thousand miles away from me tonight and Lord I miss you so
You could be in someone else's arms right now and I would never know
But I'll go lay me down to sleep and never let it cross my mind
'Cause I love you and you love me and our love is that rare and special kind
We've got it all we've got it all there's nothing else I could need we've got it all
We're lovers and we're friends through good and bad thick and thin
I said it once and I'll say it again we've got it all

I watched the sun go down this afternoon and paint the city's face all red
Then I wished upon a silver star that crept into the pink sky overhead
And I told myself that someday I won't have to go and leave you all alone
Then I wrote your name upon a frosted window pane and then I wrote this song
We've got it all...