"I Want To Go With You" lyrics - BILL MONROE

"I Want To Go With You"

I'm begging to you and I want to go with you
You're breaking my heart as you say goodbye
I hope and I pray we'll soon be together
My heart is so full it's hard not to cry

What will I do when the leaves start falling
The far distant hill will make me feel blue
Soon the flowers will die, don't let love die with them
And with you gone dear, what will I do

Your sweet ruby lips and hair like an angel
And your mornful eyes they keep haunting me
But to know that you're mine it makes life worth living
Oh, the time's gone by, a sweet memory

I'm trusting in you but each hour seems longer
I'm counting the days when I'll be with you
Our hearts are entwined, they're blessed with the future
A safe journey home I'm waiting for you