"An Apple For The Teacher" lyrics - BING CROSBY

"An Apple For The Teacher"

An apple for the teacher
That seems the thing to do
Because I want to learn
About romance from you.
An apple for the teacher
To show I'm meek and mild,
If you insist on saying
That I'm just a problem child.
You'll get all my attention,
Your wish will be my rule;
And maybe you'll be good to me
And keep me after school
An apple for the teacher
That's how I'd better start,
The after while you may give in
And let me bring my heart

An apple for the teacher
Will always do the trick,
When you don't know
Your lesson in arithmetic
An apple for the teacher
Will meet with great success
If you forgot to memorize
The Gettysburg Address
A little bit of glamour
A charm that's cute and quaint;
And he'll excuse your grammar
And believe you're what you ain't.
You may be just a lemon
But he'll think you're a peach
Just bring an apple for the teacher
When he starts to teach