"An Ordinary Son" lyrics - BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION

"An Ordinary Son"

Hold my head up high
Now I see you, drying off your eyes
Four seasons, temper all my pain
And I have been sheltered... I accept the blame
For the Tumblin' Dice
I put my ego aside
With fire and anger
I've shadowboxed you all my life
Bring it on yourself, bring it on me
Wrapped up in a box because there is nothing left for free
Gonna' dig a hole, gonna' fall in the dirt
Gonna' redeem myself and rise upon the earth
And I feel, like the time has come
All I ever wanted, was to be an ordinary son
Know the wounds run deep
But I take solace, knowing that hill is not so steep
Pale white cigarette, barn full of hay
But I knew I should't have been there anyway
Gone is the shadow that was cast over
And I just want to live in tranquility
And I believe that we will
All the courageous
And all the forgiveness
Walk with me
Walk with me
So thank you for tending our survival
'Cause I know that I took that bread from our table