"I'm Not Crazy (Outro)" lyrics - BLACK THOUGHT

"I'm Not Crazy (Outro)"

We go to war when peaceful solution's impossible
A mountain is not to be confused with an obstacle
I'm as sharp as the scalpel that's used in a hospital
So 'til that day we expire and turn to vapors
I'll be making this paper and finally earnin' my acreage
Leave it for Quadry, Asa, Ahmir, and Benjamin, Trevor and Jordan
Bia, Tarik and them'll finally be safer
I lay it all on the line, find me a taker
If any man is an island, I'll be probably Jamaica
A storm is formin' too, stand down, yo I'm warning you
I come to switch up the climate like global warmin' do
A man called Portugal got with the oracle
We move from metaphorical to historical

So when, when we, when we introduced ourselves to the Europeans as human beings, they just didn't get it