"Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart" lyrics - BLACKHAWK

"Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart"
(Walt Aldridge / Brad Crisler)

After all this time I guess I finally made it through
All the darkness to the point of being over you
Now and then my mind runs into your old memory
But it ain't quite as big a deal as it used to be

Now I know even though you're not here
You will never be too far away
Anywhere, you'll be there
Like a whisper inside me each and every day
If I win, if I lose
You will always play a small part
Like a flame, you'll remain
In your own little corner of my heart

I thought every kiss you gave me time would just erase
I waited for the day they'd disappear without a trace
Finally I realized that even though you're gone
There'll always be an ember of you
Burning on and on