"I Wanna Be Your Man" lyrics - BLACKSTREET

"I Wanna Be Your Man"
(Karen Anderson / Chauncey Hannibal / Mildred Riley / Teddy Riley / Sprague Williams)

Baby, Baby, Baby
I wanna know you,
Place no one above you
I wanna love you
Baby, Baby, Baby
I wanna be your man...

I remember the first time I came,
To this park
It was one day last May
I saw you lookin' like a star.. Um Humm..
I'll never forget the smell of, your perfume
Girl I just gotta see you again..ohh..

To ask your man I had the chance to be with you
Girl I'll never forget, how I planned a good move..
Now I'm waitin' in the park.
Waitin after dark..
I've got to see you again... OOhh...

Baby, Baby, Baby (oh baby)
I wanna know you (wanna know you)
Place no one above you
I wanna love you..
Baby, Baby,Baby
I wanna be your man...

So I dream a little dream of us we're, holding hands
And we're takin' long walks, down in the land
My palms are sweaty and my heart's beatin' fast
'Cause you smiled and said you'd see me again..

I ain't gonna let you get away this time
That's why I waited here so long
I'm gonna make you mine
Still I'm waiting in the park,
Waitin' after dark..
Waiting here to see you again...


I loved you from the moment,
That you graced your beauty

And I just can't wait darlin'
To see you again...
I wanna be your..
I wanna be your man...
(Listen baby)
I wanna be your man...

Baby... Baby, Baby, Baby (wanna know you)

[Chorus 'til fade]