"Final Hours" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Final Hours"

This is our final hour
You were never one of us
So run away
The end is upon us

All enemies have failed and learned their fate
To be forsaken
Defeated all trends have dug their graves
You'll never understand this desire to never fit in

Give up our hearts
Conform to be just like them
You're just like them
You tried to pull the wool over our eyes

Sacrificing all things that were true
Turned your back on all things that were true
So much was sacred now lost in the past
Everything destructive points back at you

Say goodbye to sweet death
And the perfect isolation that we had

Things will never be the same again
What you became another enemy my friend
Now what you've become
Fucking disgrace

There is no turning back now
Just another two face
You've dug your grave