"Sister Charlatan" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Sister Charlatan"

I bear witness to an ugly reality
I won't blink for the pure satisfaction
As beauty fights with perfection
Tape my eyes open for the oncoming storm

Now I can sense your stale fear in the air
As humanity starved for your flesh
Your skin starts to rust beginning to crack
No one cares anymore
Your false pretense is startling to fade and burn
With your self-righteous
Oh how hard the pitiful will fall

Sister Charlatan
No one cares anymore
I no longer admire you
There is no one left to impress

I no longer admire you
The way you burned them all alive
The fire in your eyes
But always remember how fast the beautiful will fall
Walls come crashing down

It was all just a lie
You were so good at leaving your mark
And running away
Forge a smile with your second face