"Veins" lyrics - BLUE OYSTER CULT

(D. Roeser - R. Meltzer)

I open my eyes from a dreamless night
With a sense of dread you could cut with a knife
Still I'm thinking that maybe I killed somebody
Never know, never know when
Might have killed somebody

Veins in my eyeballs
Damage that I've done
Veins on the stairways
Veins in my skull

I visit my friend
We have a fight
I'm drinking his whiskey
I'm wanting his wife
Then the image goes black,
Did I kill somebody
Cause there ain't no clues,no clues
That I killed somebody

Veins in my eardrums
Banging at my door
Veins in my brainwaves
Veins on the floor

I get the shivers and I've got the shakes
People screamin' my name
like there's no mistake
Can't belive it's true
That I killed somebody
But I just don't know,don't know
Did I kill somebody

Veins on the sidewalk
Veins know the score
Veins in my mind, ohhhhhh
Veins evermore...