"I Will Love Him" lyrics - BOB DYLAN

"I Will Love Him"

I will love him
I will serve him
I will glorify His name

He came on East out of Galilee
And disappeared like when he taught
He came down onto his own
His own knew him not
But as for me,


He said when the fig tree was blooming
He would be at the gate
He was talking 'bout the state of Israel
From nineteen fourty-eight
And the time is near, and


When He was down conceived here
His mother didn't know what she carried
Took an angel of the lord
To tell her what she done carry
Carry for all mankind, that

I will glorify His name

Did anybody say it was gonna be easy?
Nobody said, but you couldn't complain
The God of the world tried to drive me crazy

Even Peter denied Him
Standin' right beside Him
Took Him out and falsely tried Him
Eventually crucified him

Who am I to say I wouldn't do the same?
[...] who repaired the roof
Tried to tilt against the grain
When Herod found out that he was born
He had every boy child slain
Hey, let's all pray