"River Deep - Mountain High" lyrics - BOB SEGER SYSTEM

"River Deep - Mountain High"

When you were a young girl, you had a rag doll
The only doll you ever owned
I love you just the way you love your rag doll
But only now my love has grown
Oh and it gets stronger
Talkin' every day
Yeah gettin' deeper honey
Come with me
And it gets higher, every way
I love you oh

River deep and mountain high, yeah yeah yeah
If I lost you would I cry
I love you baby, baby, baby

You got me woman
I done lost all control
I need you baby
Like a river needs to roll

I love you baby
Like a mountain gonna love the sky
I love you baby
River deep and mountain high

Every day now
Take me with you take my by the hand momma
Lead me to the door
Gotta go gotta go anyway
Get me to the floor
Gotta take you everywhere I go yeah
Gotta take you down downtown
Gotta screw around

Oh yeah