"Miss Clara / Azusa Sue" lyrics - BOBBIE GENTRY

"Miss Clara / Azusa Sue"

Last Friday I received your letter
It said your book was overdue
And you'd be by to pay your five cent fine
Within a day or two

Since that day the time drags by
Things just aren't the same
For I don't want your five cent fine
I just want to know your name, you wrote

Miss Clara, would it be to bold of me to call you Clare?
My head is spinning, wonder if I dare
To let you know that I care for you Clara

Miss Clara, you're like the cover of a magazine
You outshine every star I've seen
On the silver screen, gee you're keen

Since I saw you at your desk
At the public library
You stamped my book and I took a look
And now your face is all I see

I wish I could get to know ya
So we could plan our honeymoon
We'll trade the Ivy halls for Niagara Falls
When I graduate next June

Oh, Miss Clara, I'd like to see you let down your hair
I'd like to take you with me everywhere
We'd make a nifty pair, sweetie Clare

We can go to my hometown
To meet my mom and dad
He'll try to tell you about the depression years
And all the trouble we had

Mom'll take you to the kitchen
To give you a recipe
And then dad'll take me aside to say
He's glad to have you in the family

Oh, Miss Clara, there's a cozy cottage we could share
Up on a little farm in Delaware
We'd be so happy there, if I could call you Clare

Do be do do
We do be op ee op dee dah
Boo op be op ee dah dee dah
Bah-op e-op e dah bee dah

Miss Clara, there's a cozy cottage we could share
On a little farm in Delaware, we'd be so happy there
If I could call you Clare

Miss Clara, do you care
If I call you Clare?
Miss Clara, I swear

Ooh do be dah mm be op bah ah dee dah
Be ooh be doop bah ah dee dah