"Thank You" lyrics - BONNIE RAITT

"Thank You"

Sittin' here thinkin' baby about you
I'm wonderin' how I ever got through my life without you
Days pass me by, left my life somewhere behind
Games I was tryin' out, oh before my time

You came into my life almost like you knew
That time was runnin' out, oh I came runnin' home to you
You taught me how to love you, you helped me too
You could even love me, I was all you'd ever need

[Instrumental break]

Sometimes when you're sleepin' I wonder if it's true
I'm afraid they'll come and take away this precious dream of you
Then you'll wake and hold me and love me through the night
Then I'll know that somehow everything will be alright

Thank you baby, for giving me my life
I love you honey. you've given me my life
Thank you baby, for giving me my life.