BOSTON lyrics - Heaven On Earth

"Heaven On Earth"

Once I thought that life was easy
I thought love would be enough
Now I can't believe I'm on my own

I'm leaving on a jet plane
I'll wait in case you change you mind
You're all I can see when I'm all alone, ooh

Heaven on Earth.
Couldn't we talk about it?
I didn't know what to say.
For what it's worth
I can't go on without it
I never wanted to see you walk away

The sky is dark and angry
But I don't feel the rain
It's all the same, I miss your touch... ooh

I feel like running somewhere
But I can't lose the pain I feel
I'm so far away, but I'm still in love, oh


Are you looking for love?
Are you looking for love?
Are you even there?
I would come running from anywhere
Please say you won't give up

They tell me I'm no angel
But I've been waitin' long enough
We made it so far, I can't give up, ooh


Hey, love should be enough
Oh, heaven on earth.
Seems so easy
Heaven on earth, ooh