"I Just Go" lyrics - BOZ SCAGGS

"I Just Go"

Don't know why I wandered off last night
I was having a good time and feeling all right
Feeling right at home with you
Guess I hadn't had enough though or something
And I just go

Saw some of my old running boys over by the back door
Having a laugh thought I'd say hello been a while
Then one thing leads to another I guess
And anyway I just go

I didn't know till you left word for me
Your concern about where I'd disappeared to
And it never crossed my mind
That I'd worried you or been unkind in doing so

And I'm so so sorry I took off so fast
That you felt abandoned and left out like that
Please understand
You see I just don't pay much mind sometimes..
Sometimes I just go

I need you to know
How I long to do all that you want me to
I'd go anywhere at all any time you call
To comfort you

And I take every word or your advice
I'd make any kind of sacrifice to let you know
But there's this other voice calling me sometimes
And I just go