"Ring, Ring, Ring" lyrics - BRIAN SETZER

"Ring, Ring, Ring"

Well the telephone's ring, ring, a-ringin'
Ringin' like a fire alarm
If it's money that they're lookin' for
Well that's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
And if it's love holdin' on the line
Well my heart's still sting, sting, a-stingin'

Well the front door's knock, knock, a-knockin'
But I may not answer at all
I'm gettin' ready to meet my baby
And have a ball, ball, ball, ball, ball
I'm gonna fire up three carburetors
And get rock, rock, rock, rock a-rockin'

Well the dogs keep bark, bark, a-barkin'
Barkin' at the
Fed Ex man
And the baby wants a bottle, wants a bottle
And I'm gettin' as fast as I can
And the kids keep cry, cry, cryin'
And Mama keeps talk, talk, talkin'

Well the water keeps drip, drip, a-drippin'
And the lawyers keep sue, sue, suin'
And the women keep yak, yak, yakin'
And the cows keep moo, moo, mooin'
And the world keeps spin, spin, spinnin'
And there's nothing you can do, do, do

Well, the bills keep come, come, comin'
And my head starts hum, hum, hummin'
And my car ain't run, run, runnin'
And the girls want fun, fun, funnin'
And the wife says she can't live without it
And there's nothing you can do about it