"Dance And Sing" lyrics - BRIGHT EYES

"Dance And Sing"

Got to keep on going like it ain't the end
Got to change like your life is depending on it
It's a long time coming and we're taking it in
What a wild ruse
See the cold moon hanging like the pennant above
Too many ice cream socials with the promise ring love
Had to shoot all the targets at the carnival cause
You needed hard proof
I read God is dead I shed some tears for him
But I swear on his grave I'll never do it again
And I screamed when I realized what was happening
That I had good news

[Refrain 1:]
I'll grieve what I have lost
Forgive the firing squad
How imperfect life can be
Now all I can do is just dance on through

See the Coast Guard coming, save the drowning men
Out by Catalina Island they abandoned ship
All the news trucks piled up with starts and fits
Coming from Point Dume
It's the last ditch effort, makes no sense to try
Put more gas on the tires, put more wood on the fire
Warm your hands up 'cause we'll probably be here a while
If you want the honest truth

[Refrain 2:]
Don't turn your cheek away
Please, don't resuscitate
Make an example out of me
Because all I can do is just dance on through
And sing

Got a diamond cold heart and I got it in spades
With the Walkman fading like an audio slave
It's a self-induced seizure like a kid at a rave
Smeared in Day-Glo paint
And all the popular prophets want to take me to task
Well, it's just your opinion so I'd rather not ask
But I got me a cane, and I'm spinning it fast
As the band plays

[Refrain 3:]
Don't read my worried mind
That smoking gun passing through time
I'm yours, you can decide
What fate I'll have on the firing line
Because now all I can do is just dance on through
And sing

With every note there is
With every note there was
Each passing chord
There was only love
With every step there is
With every step that was
Spinning around
There was only love
Only love, only love
It was a slow dance for us
There was only love