"Smoke Without Fire" lyrics - BRIGHT EYES

"Smoke Without Fire"
(Conor Oberst)
feat. M. Ward

Come on in, my weary friend
The welcome here is endless

These fears of yours, like painted whores
They will not stay the night
If all your life you've done what's right
Don't say you felt obliged

Come on along, is your timid tongue
Too shy to tell your story?
This pain in you so far removed
From anything you've known
So I won't condone another moan
When everything is fine

So when in drought, learn to dance
And pray the dead would return

Dream smoke without fire
Just come see me again when it burns

Somewhere along the way
Well, I was led astray
By a wolf in no one's clothing
It was a brilliant disguise

And I forgot that life existed
I thought it was just some kind of game
That's what brings me to your doorstep
Though I don't know why I came today

Standing still in the dust
Giving up on the rain
As with smoke without fire
I've already laid in the flames

I've already laid in the flames

Brother, be afraid of the flames