"Outro (Thank You)" lyrics - BRYSON TILLER

"Outro (Thank You)"

Thank you
You ready for this T R A P S O U L shit or what?
But before that I just wanna say a couple things real quick, um
First of all, man, thank you guys so much for just believin' in me, and, um
You know, just, um, making me feel like I could, like I could really do this
It's not just a dream no more, man, it's, uh, it's my reality
For that, I'm grateful
Beyond that, actually
And by the way, I'm finished with the new album
Uh, I just want you guys to take it in and enjoy it, just, um (I just want you to listen)
Listen to it like you just discovered it (I just want you to listen, ah)
I made it specifically for you guys (I want you to listen)
Somethin' where you can hear me, um, just doin' me
That's what I do best