"Reaper Of The Glory" lyrics - BUDGIE

"Reaper Of The Glory"
(Burke Shelley / John Thomas)

There must be a way up the ladder
'Cause I've got to move to the top
I'm seeking the power and the glory
But nobody knows when to stop
They call him the reaper of the glory
When you're searching for somewhere to go
The gun is the key, and it always will be
A powerful friend or a foe

Got no time, my life's mine
Ain't no friend to me
I don't care, I won't wear
My heart on my sleeve
Rain or shine, I don't mind
You don't impress me
I can say, in my way
I don't want to be...

Reaper of the glory, same old story
To be reaper of the glory, same, same story

The injured are lying in the roadside
Who dares means that someone will lose
You fallen like a rock in a landslide
You're hurting yourself it's no use
Call him the reaper of the glory
Searching can make you so cruel
The reaper goes on, as he steps on their bones
He doesn't play by the rules