"So You've Got A Lover" lyrics - BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD

"So You've Got A Lover"

I'm not likely to see you anymore:
With the dawn I fly, so you must listen.
Just to spite me, you've chosen to ignore
That I'm onto why you're always missin'.

So you've got a lover
Who just rings a bell when he needs you?
They tell me there's another
Who could never tell he loves you too.

Before you yell, there's another thing
I guess you should hear now while I'm thinking of it.
Ringing bells don't bother me,
Unless they become like strings to guide a puppet.


No one ever can tell how much more love there is to find,
If you'll just listen.
[Stills hums incoherently - forgotten words]
Sometimes resembles mud, sometimes it's crystal.