"Judas" lyrics - CAGE THE ELEPHANT


The time has finally come you get a mouth full
You only act on greed and by your actions this is proof
And can't you see the flowers dying all around you?
Got your hands in the devils pockets, got everything to lose

And so you lash out to crush the ones below
All the ones that you fear most
And you call this crowd control
Well, let me break it down for you

The fire in your veins is just a joke you tell yourself
Another way to cut the cost, hide your face from all the guilt
And it's a shame to have to say you had to kill to gain control
But at least you made some money, hey let the good times roll

It's your dream to be the king of all creation
As far as I'm concerned you've hung your shadow on the wall
And though your fingers never really pulled the trigger
Your hands are just as guilty, you're the one who brought the blood



Oh my, the greed has now consumed you
Your eyes fade as you fall into the ocean
You move fast to feed your lust for money
You dive down now you're caught in the commotion

All this and you traded it for nothing
A cheap lie you put it in your pocket
All this, yeah you traded it for nothing
Oh my, I can see your heart has met it's end

[Outro 7x:]
Say hello to Judas