"Gift X-Change" lyrics - CALEXICO

"Gift X-Change"

You say you're leaving
Going back home
Where's your family
Where do you come from

Something's missing in your life
You've felt it all along
Retrace your steps
Balance and check
Where it all went wrong

The spirit is broken
The path is overrun
You can't move forward
And now nothing gets done

I hope you find some
In a peace along the way
Whatever it takes I pray you'll make it
Home on Christmas day

In case you don't find what you need
When you finally arrive
And your heart is snowed in
There's no warmth or light

Take this candle with you
And this book of matches as well
As you're climbing the walls
There's no answer at all
Except the gift you give yourself

I trust that you'll find some
In a peace through times that are rough
What would it take to hear you say
The gift you give is love
The gift you live in enough