"Keep It Hot" lyrics - CAMEO

"Keep It Hot"

Good things come to you. You stay on that too. Soon you'll never stop always keep it hot. Ow!!Ow, Ow BabY!! [Laughter] Because I like what you do to me.
Baby!! Because I like it when it's all for me.
I like my friends exciting, if they keep my fever rising 'cause I always like to, "KEEP IT HOT!"
Little girl, out in the play and I'll bet you'll wanna stay and I guarantee, "I'll hit the spot".

You be good to me I'll be good to you. Anything you want, or anything you do. I've got my eyes on you and my engine to. Give it all I've got and to Keep it Hot!! OWW! OW OW, Baby!! HUMH Tell all your friends that we're movin on the one.HE HE BABY!!If you can take it you'll have more from here.
I hear plenty people talkin but those same people are walkin, but they still try to tell me how to keep it hot, HUMPH. But girl, stick with me and with both our eyes will see.It's not very hard to keep it hot. I just know what I know.

[Chorus 2:]
Let us take a chance to make joy romance life can be a tear If you let love end. Here's all you have to do to make it for my crew, give the best you've got and we'll Keep it Hot!
Ow,OW,OW BabY!!Let's not pretend let's get on with the show. BABY!!
You dig it!!

[Chorus 1 and 2]

Keep your eyes on me, I'll keep my eyes on you.
My body too
I'll give it all I've got to Keep it hot, yo
You give it to me, Ill give it to your body too.