"Pinch" lyrics - CAN

(Can / Holger Czukay / Michael Karoli / Jaki Liebezeit / Irmin Schmidt / Damo Suzuki)

Don't do that when you're all alone
I couldn't pay you to take you home
I'm gonna press your ears on the light
And then I'm laughing at the way you go

Hey, that cow a-moaning alone
Kind of sure that I'm gonna call you Blue
Why don't you try to laugh along?
Nobody comes when you won't be blowed

"Are you cool now?" now they say
It's you alone, you, what you want hide in a corner?
What you want with you, you liar, want you want you leave alone
The long days of howl? You're alone

Give it a try, you're gonna watch the time
Give me a hound and dance alone
Hey, you know that I'm no surprise
Hide anyone that were gonna know
I've been alone, alone, Mr. Wall knows anyone

I know that I'm not away at all
I know that I'm besides your hound
You're just alone giving five in a loan
Well, you're sure that friend is your all
And to end all today down

You pay the pound and then you're all alone
You pay anything and are you all too well
Somebody down, do you end your ways?
You got all I tell you of your way to be alone

I said "You, guy," you know you're gonna end without you alone
And you say the hall is all alone
All alone, you're insane, your eyes
Can't pick the eye in the loan and you moan alone
Ending up on welfare 'cause I know how
I like, will fall 'cause I know like I someday
All alone like a something all alone

All alone, all and try this song like you found some dramatic
And you're doing something, try your own, show them all
Then you try doing without the morning thing

You talk a minute and all too long
For anything, yes, it's all too long
No any longer, add up all the things
There's somebody in there, it's all they do
Do you break it long all alone?

And now the pitch is falling at you
And I ain't sure if I'm wrong or right
Warn everyone when you go I found a thing worn, time worn
Again all alone all night that thing all night

Don't you know, honey, I'm all alone?
Don't you know when you hope to blow?
All at my fly that flight
She just wants to cry by that every vow
She gotta puts on bad all alone she blows

You're all alone and all ahead
What you take is moan and moan
Why show aloud?
Why do you have to cry alone?

All alone, taste the blow
Moan, to howl aloud
I don't need it, I don't need it
I don't need it

I'm gonna take you when you're all alone
You howl and howl, you just show alone
And you try just one insane and the why
And I try to warn you on the way we
Find you alone, the way you blow, understand?

The boy hound, the boy hound
The boy hound finding it's way alone
Alone, way it's to go, all alone, all alone

Do they warn you at all?
Do they call you MC Light, you?
By the drive to sight alone
The sight alone, the telephone
Telephone I call you on

I, I say, "Hide"
This is how I call this sane girl, "Pinch"