"Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien" lyrics - CATHEDRAL

"Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien"

Violet Dawn, Misty Mourn
Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn
Summer Faces - Poisoned Flowers Thorns
Blackbird Sings A Jaded Requiem

Engine Storm, Earth Reborn
Caterpillar Never Settling Down
Concrete Cancer In Your Empty Town
Brain - Ticket Brought Me To...Hallow Ground

[II. Doomed Man]

I Am Society, The Ghoul Of All Mankind
I'll Crawl All Over You & Numb You Deep Inside
I'll Eat Your Silver Cross, Behind It You Can't Hide
Stone Will Become Of You, Withered Shall Be Your Pride
Angels I've Chased Away, Now Demons Pull Your Mind

Closer Toward Your Prize Of The Hell In Which I Entice
In My Infernal World All Wealth You've Sacrificed
The Clay Has Formed - It's Too Late To Meditate & Exorcise...

[III. Along The Tranquil Riverbanks]

Blind Reality I've Seen And Cast Away
I Am A Child From The Forest Of Dismay
Ancient Deities Are Screaming Out My Name
From The Splendour Of The Inland Waterways

[IV. Drifting Through Neptune's Veins]

Golden Horses Pull My Chariot
Black Angels On The Viaduct

On The Hill The Dark Horse Stands, Softly Calling You
Underneath The Blood Red Moon, Frost And Fire Gloom
Usurper Of Lost Innocence, Magic, Iron & Stone
I'm The King Of The Dead, With One Foot In Hell
Awaiting To Greet The "Red Turd Upon The Horse Shouting Tally Ho!"

Here We Come Entranced By The Mellow
Hey! Ho! It's The Man With The Silver Pipe!!!!

Headblaster Of Reality, Evil Priest From Hell
Unveils Endless Solitude With Pink Misery Snow
After And Forever In Eternal Loch Ness
Clouds Of Dirty FX Sex Drive Cemetery

"We Are Not The Living, We Are The Dead, We Offer What You've Given"
Not The "Majestic Elegance Of The Gracious Swan..."

[V. Rocket Launch Wizard]

Interrupted By A Needy Stop At The Purple Ale House
... The Wizard Returns! $A%$(~*!!!!!!!

[VI. The Drifters Theme]

Drift Away, Forget The Chores Of The Day
And Why Not Forget Yourself - Why Not Forget Your Name?
The Law Of The Land Is Great
- Numb and Blind Men, They Dictate Hate!?!?


Under The Sun, The Children Of The Moon

For The Masses They Pray, Beside The Crystal Lake
The Squawk Of The Gull Awakes Us To Man's Fate
Nature And Smoking Be Our Mate...

[VII. Lands End]

Watching Me As I Glare Out At Seas
Creator Of All Deceit
The Sand Demon
Offers Me A Garish Sweet

[VIII. Stone Man Finale]

[A] Moonlight & Manor Reprise - "Chant Of The Nocturndoz"
[B] Lavatory Logic