CECE WINANS lyrics - Christmas Star

"Christmas Star"
(Kimmie Rhodes / Kevin Savigar)

On that magic night in Bethlehem
On the birthday of a boy
The angels sang and the heavens rang
With tidings of great joy

And on that night, an ancient spark
Had journeyed from afar
The greatest gift that God could give
Became the Christmas Star

There's a light that shines on everyone
Burning brighter everyday
For the souls who search for peace on earth.
It's the Christmas Star that lights the way

For the wandering flock the shepherds watched
Is still the same today
Returning every child of God
Who?'s ever gone astray


There's a light (there's a light) everyone can see (everyone can see)
A song for every heart to see (every heart to see)
There's a light (there's a light) shining from above (shining from above)
Giving everlasting love

There's a promise in the prophecy
That wise men will behold
A son for all eternity and so the story's told


Christmas Star (oh, the Christmas Star) ooh, Christmas Star
(Burning brighter), ooh ah (every day)
Ooh Christmas star (Christmas star, ooh light the way) ooh ah
(Christmas Star that lights the way)