"Which One" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"Which One"

Rap (Noah):
Ima make it rain like sprinkle sprinkle,
That boy chevy go twinkle twinkle,
Hop out like a G say please to meet you,
Can we alope and go smoke somewhere peaceful,
It's the N-O-ah baby kiss me hug me,
The music man girls they love me,
So which one of y'all gone sip some crystal,
If you ain't old enough t hen holla at Chris Brown,

1st verse:
Everyone of y'all are lookin' like,
You wanna do somethin' freaky tonight,
Tell ya man you ain't feelin' the same,
You wanna be free,
Free to mingle tonight,
If I could I'd take all of you,
To a place where we all could do,
Somethin' that yo mama wouldn't approve,
Make ya get down show me what's good,
Let me see how they do it in yo hood

Which one of y'all want it which one it gone be,
Which one of y'all which one tryna get pleased,
Which one of y'all which which one,
Which one of y'all takin' it off for me,
Which one

2nd verse:

Tell me come and come and walk for me,
Let me see what they be tellin' me,
'Bout the things I just had to know,
Baby what's your name,
Or do you wanna play tonight (come here),
Or do you like to be,
Talked to like your comin' wit me,
Girl I already know,
Baby what's your thing,
If you want it you can get it tonight,

Rap (Noah):
You can count on CB or me to please ya,
Fly you to Italy for some pizza pizza,
Back to America leave with leisure,
G-4 cash boy you don't need your Visa,
'Cause you're my candy gorl my now and later,
Just bring your purse and what ya mama gave ya,
Baby Ima play ya but the balls in your court,
Now let me see you strip to ya in bras and boy shorts,
I'm grittin my teeth like I need a pack of gum,
Apple bottom got you lookin' like Bonita Applebum,
I'm from Decatur baby tell me where you from,
Come come whisper in your ear let me tell you some,
By the way ya booty hoop I think a rabbit in ya pants,
We can travel to Japan then Africa to France,
I can have it in your plans if you tell me in advance,
So baby use your brain and take advantage of the chance

[Chorus out]