"Blue Star Woman"

Blue star woman snow country child
Nightshade secrets chemistry smile
Close your bright eyes and sleep a while
Dream me a garden enchanted and wild

For coin for country of pearls of swine
Your summer of potions really messed up your mind
A mad dog is howling at the end of your line
If your temp is dragging then double your time

At the top of the stairs both hands on your hips
Cold is the flower that hangs from her lips
My head and my hand nailed to the front door
While the postman and the neighbor clap their hands and yell "more"

The kitchen was clean but the bed was a mess
The sheets they were dry but the pillow was wet
She tried to blame it on one of her pets
I said do you have a cat she said "why no not yet"
And wouldn't you bet when out from under her dress

A few more words before I rest
This is no riddle this is no test
Hate is the worst love is the best
So put that old time piece back in your vest