CHUCK BERRY lyrics - Jamaica Moon

"Jamaica Moon"

Me walking alone, me bring jug of rum
Me sit down on the seashore till dee boat she come
It long dee night, it's quiet dee dock
The boat a little late, she do a 12 o'clock

Me watch the tide come easy in
It low the moon, but high dee wind
Jamaica moon
Jamaica moon

Me was so alone, me couldn't help but open dee rum
So long maybe dee wait until dee boat she come
Me girl she love me, she come back for me
We set sail in dee morning, go back across dee sea

We dock in New York, the building be so high
She promised me dee honeymoon be so near dee sky
Jamaica moon
Jamaica moon

Me still alone, me sip on dee rum
Me head began to tell me that dee boat no come
To bring me me love, bringing me me ting, ting, ting
She rock and roll beautiful, she dance and sing

She hold me closer me and she pushed me lip
Me eyes they close and me heart she go flip
Jamaica moon
Jamaica moon

Me lay down a little woozy, me been drinking dee rum
Jamaica moon please tell me that dee boat will come
She no can be me bride with dee game she play
Me head tell me to go but me body say stay

Me lay down on dee dock was so good dee rum
Me fall asleep at noon here when de boat she come
Jamaica moon
Jamaica moon

At twelve she come, till dawn she roam
They tell me that she look and wait and cry and go back home
Dee boat whistle blew, me open me eyes
So bright were dee sun, blue Jamaica sky

Down the pier me run dee boat I still can see
Sailing fast away with me bride to be
Jamaica moon
Jamaica moon

Now me broken heart is sailing on that boat she on
Me see dee water trailing but dee boat she gone
Me missed me bride to be now me head low hung
Me sleep too long, no more me touch dee rum

Is so dry me throat me no more can sing
Me miss me bride to be no have no ting ting
Jamaica moon, me love when she gone
Me walking back home, me still all alone