"Two-Track Mind" lyrics - CINDY BULLENS

"Two-Track Mind"

I don't like to give advice
But you better treat her nice
'Cause you know that she's a friend of mine
I won't give you away
By anything I say
If you make sure you stay in line

You've got this look on your lips
That swears it's all for keeps
Only lonely girls can see

But just remember this
Your kiss is still a kiss
And you're a boy with a two-track mind

You're a boy with a two-track mind
You keep leaving the hearts behind
You'll never be satisfied
You're a boy with a two-track mind

I watch your roving eyes
While you whisper precious lies
Into the ears of helpless girls
Now here's this friend of mine
Just about to step in line
To hear the wisdom of your words

I never mention that day
When you swept me away
I surrendered everything

But, oh, you're such a tease
Don't tell her if you please
I'm a victim of your two-track mind